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Buy Domain With bKash

Author: Al Rayhan Himel | ⌚Last Updated On: January 15, 2024

To launch a website you need to purchase two types of services. Those are domain and hosting services. In this post, we will discuss in detail how to buy a domain with bKash from the best hosting providers in Bangladesh. If you want to know how you can buy domains from Bangladesh by paying with bKash, then stay with us till the end.

How much does it cost to buy a domain from Bangladesh?

You will have to spend about 600 to 2000 taka to purchase a domain from a Bangladeshi hosting company for a year. The cost of a domain is typically determined by two factors: the type of domain and the hosting provider. If you want to register a .com domain from a Bangladeshi web host, expect to pay between 600 and 1200 taka for a year.

There are some domain registrars who offer a small price for first-time domain registration but charge a little more when renewing. Some hosting providers offer a free ID Protection service with the domain name whereas others charge extra for it.

Compare domain prices from different hosts:

Company .com .org .net

Why would you buy domain with bKash?

Most Bangladeshis do not have PayPal or an international Mastercard to transact money in dollars. But all the best hosting companies in the world usually support PayPal or dual currency cards to accept payment. They do not support the bKash or Rocket payment systems used in Bangladesh. In that case, many people face payment problems when trying to buy a domain or web hosting plan from a foreign company.

On the other hand, since Bangladeshi hosting providers accept bKash or Rocket payment systems, you can easily register a domain from Bangladesh. Besides, many hosting providers offer cheap web hosting services in Bangladesh. They also give excellent customer service and it is very easy to get support from them via live chat. Below are some of the trusted hosting providers in Bangladesh from which you can easily buy a domain with bKash or Rocket.

Buy domain with bKash following four simple steps

We have already mentioned a few reputable hosting providers from whom you can get affordable domain and hosting services. The process of registering a domain from each of them is almost the same. Now we will see how you can buy a domain with bKash from IT Nut Hosting.

Step 1: Check the domain's availability

To get started, go to the IT Nut Hosting website and look for the Domain Search Box. Enter a domain name that matches your business and click on the “Search Domain” button.

domain search bd

If the entered domain name of your choice is available, then click on the “Add to Cart” button.

add to cart a domain

On the other hand, if the domain name is unavailable, then you can search by typing another domain name. Or, you can use other extensions such as .net, .org, .info, etc instead of .com with the first domain name you entered. Then click on the “Add to Cart” button to purchase this domain. After that, click on the “Continue” button, and you will go to the next page.

add to cart a domain 2

Step 2: Configure your domain

Tick mark the “ID Protection” option that will hide your personal information and reduce spamming.

domain id protection

Now, click “Continue” to go to the next step.

Step 3: Review and Checkout

If you have an existing account:

If you already have an account at IT Nut Hosting, then select the “Existing Customer Login” option and give your email and password. Tick mark the “I have read and agree to the Terms of Service” option and click on the “Checkout” button. You will be automatically redirected to the next page to make a payment.

review and checkout

If you have no existing account:

If you do not have an account with Nut Hosting, then you need to follow this step to open an account. Select the “Create a New Account” option and fill up the form with your personal information, billing address, and other information. In the payment method, the SSL Commerz (bKash, Rocket) option has already been selected. Leave it as it is.

Tick mark the “I have read and agree to the Terms of Service” option and click on the “Checkout” button. You will be automatically redirected to the next page to make a payment.

review and checkout

Step 4: Pay with bKash

Since you want to buy the domain with bKash, select the ” Mobile Banking ” option to make the payment. Now, select the bKash option.

buy domain with bKash payment system

Enter your bKash account number and then click “Confirm”.

buy a domain with bKash

You will receive a verification code on your bKash number. Now, enter the verification code you received a few seconds ago and click the “Confirm” button.

buy domain with bKash 2

Lastly, enter your bKash PIN and click the “Confirm” button. Wait for a while, and you will see that your domain has been successfully purchased.

buy domain with bKash 3

Note this point: We have just discussed how to buy a domain with bKash from IT Nut Hosting. You can buy domains with bKash from other hosting providers in Bangladesh using almost the same method. However, some hosting providers charge separately for domain ID protection. But IT Nut Hosting or ExonHost provides completely free ID protection services. Here are some well-known companies from which you will get the best service and price on web hosting in Bangladesh.

Will you buy only a domain or do you need to buy both domain and hosting services?

There is a lot of confusion among those who are trying to open their own website for the first time. So first, you need to know what is domain and hosting and what is the difference between them.

A domain is the name of a website and hosting is a place where all the content of your website (text, video, audio, etc) is stored.

Suppose you have a charming house in a village which is situated on 1 acre of land. You must have given this house a lovely name. Now compare it to domain names and web hosting.

In this scenario, the domain name represents the name of your house, and hosting is the quantity of land (1 acre) on which the house is built. If you want, you can build a house on this one-acre land or you can build more than one house. The same is true for domains and hosting.

For example, is the domain name of our website. On the other hand, all our website’s contents (text, video, audio, etc) are stored in a place that indicates the hosting.

You can purchase a specific hosting plan and use it to host a single domain or several domains. In this situation, if you have already purchased a hosting package and there is the option to add an additional domain, you can do so. On the other hand, if you don’t already purchase a web hosting package, you need to buy a domain as well as a hosting service.

How to register a good domain

If you want to start a website, you will realize that it is quite difficult to find a good domain name that is available. In this section, you’ll learn how to choose a domain name that perfectly matches your blog or affiliate website. Let’s look at some of the characteristics of an excellent domain name.

1. Try dot com (.com) domain

We already know that there are many types of domain extensions such as .com, .org, .info, .net, etc. Among all of them, .com is the best option. If you want to start a blog or an affiliate website, then you should take the .com domain because it is very popular and ranks well in search engine results.

2. Make it short and easy

The shorter the domain name, the better for your website because people do not like long domains. Also, the domain name should be short and straightforward so that it is easy to remember. Let’s take an example from these two: and Among these, you can easily remember the first one ( On the other hand, it is extremely difficult for you to remember the second one ( So, when picking a domain, keep in mind that it should be short and simple, with no more than 15 characters.

3. Don't use digits or hyphen

Never use numbers in your domain because they are difficult to remember and are also bad practice. Also, avoid using hyphens in the domain name because this is not a good SEO strategy.

4. Keep the keyword in your domain

If you have a minimal idea about SEO, you must know how much a keyword is worth when building a website or ranking it on Google. So if your blog site discusses a specific topic, try to have a keyword related to that topic in the domain name. By doing so, visitors will be able to tell what your website is about simply by looking at the domain name.

5. Make it brandable and memorable

When selecting a domain, keep in mind that it should be brandable and easy to remember. For example, we are all familiar with the name Amazon, and the permalink of their website is, where amazon is a brand name.

6. Include your area

If you are targeting a specific geographic region, you can include it in the domain name. Let’s take a look at the address of our website,, where bd stands for Bangladesh. It’s worth noting that whether you’re targeting a city or a state, such as California or London, this is an important SEO strategy.

7. Try to avoid expired domains if you are a beginner

You may find an excellent domain name for your niche-related blog site, but it has already taken. In this situation, we recommend avoiding that domain if you are new to the internet world and are not an expert in technical SEO because many expired domains are already blacklisted. The question now becomes, how can I know if the domain I wish to acquire is expired? To see if a domain has expired, go to Wayback Machine and type the domain name you want to check. Wayback Machine will return some results if your selected domain has already been used. If it does not expire, the results will indicate that no website with this URL has been archived by Wayback Machine.

8. Keep room to expand

Many people choose a very specific name when selecting a domain name. As a result, the website shrinks in size, and there is no option to expand it in the future. Suppose you have purchased a domain name called The thing that will happen is that on this website you will not be able to post about any color rose except red rose. Also,  you will not be able to publish articles about any other flowers. If you do so, it makes no sense and the visitors will wonder why you are talking about something that is not relevant to your website. But in this case, if your website’s address was or, you could put a lot more content on it. So, while purchasing a domain, be cautious of this issue.

Conclusion: Buy domain with bKash payment system

In this post, we have discussed in depth how to buy a domain with bKash from Bangladesh. We hope you can now buy a domain with bKash without any hassles. Even after this, if there is any problem in buying a domain, you can knock on the support of those who are selling you the domain.


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