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Best domain hosting company in Bangladesh

Author: Al Rayhan Himel | ⌚Last Updated On: March 10, 2024

Are you seeking the best domain hosting company in Bangladesh, or are you confused about which hosting provider in Bangladesh to choose for your website? Are Bangladeshi hosting providers right for you, or should you get services from the best web hosting companies in the world? You’ve come to the right place. We are here to answer all your questions.

The success of your website is influenced by the hosting provider you choose. As a result, we’ve made an effort to offer you the best web hosting company in Bangladesh.

Overall Best Web Hosting in Bangladesh

overall best domain hosting company in Bangladesh

ExonHost offers premium hosting service at a reasonable cost. Shared hosting plans start from 259 tk per month but if you take yearly package, you have to pay 2,339 tk for first year. It is very difficult to find a better web hosting service in Bangladesh at this price.

If you don’t have much time, we’ve compiled a list of the best domain hosting company in Bangladesh, along with their prices. You can quickly find reliable hosting there, and if you have some spare time, you may read the entire post. If you do so, you will learn a lot of new things and understand from whom you should take hosting services.

Best hosting provider in Bangladesh in 2024

1. ExonHost – Best domain hosting company in Bangladesh Now
2. IT Nut Hosting – Another top performing web hosting company in BD
3.Cyber Developer BD – Great for both web hosting and web development
4. Hostever – Another best domain hosting company in Bangladesh
5. Dianahost Popular domain hosting company in Bangladesh
6. Hosting Bangladesh – Best hosting provider in Bangladesh that starts below 1000 tk yearly
7. Web Host BD – Best for both web hosting and web design in Bangladesh
8. zHost Bangladesh – Best hosting provider in Bangladesh with a free domain
9. HostMight – Best affordable domain hosting company in Bangladesh 
10. XeonBD – Trusted web hosting company in Bangladesh

Comparison of the best domain hosting company in Bangladesh

There are currently a number of domain hosting companies in Bangladesh. You may be confused as to which of these is best for you. So we’ve compiled a list of the best domain hosting company in Bangladesh where you can easily find the perfect one for you.

Company Lowest shared storage Price/Y .com .org .net

Review of the best domain hosting company in Bangladesh

It is difficult to give a detailed review of the top hosting providers in one post. As a result, we have tried to compile all the important information about each company that you must consider before purchasing services.

1. ExonHost: Best domain hosting company in Bangladesh Now

overall best domain hosting company in Bangladesh

Key Specifications

  • User-Friendly Control Panel
  • Expected uptime-99.9%
  • Free 24/7 professional support
  • 30 days money-back guarantee
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Automated daily backup
  • No hidden charge

Reasons to choose Exonhost

Exonhost started its journey in 2009 and has been offering high-quality services since then. As they have been in the Bangladesh web hosting marketplace for several years. So they know their business very well.

Exonhost has many web hosting plans. They provide Shared Hosting, BDIX Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Dedicated & VPS Servers, and a variety of other services at affordable prices with excellent technical support.

They also offer free SSL certificates, unlimited email accounts, and a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you value high speed and good performance then you should definitely choose Exonhost.

ExonHost has a number of hosting options to choose from, depending on your needs and preferences. Since they have many web hosting packages, you should keep in mind which country your website’s main visitors are coming from before buying. If your website needs lots of storage and features and high performance and is targeting Bangladeshi visitors then you must buy Exonhost’s BDIX Turbo web hosting package.

If you’re looking for the best web hosting company in Bangladesh, Exonhost is undoubtedly the best choice.

Major Web Hosting Plans & Pricing

Shared Hosting: They have multiple shared web hosting packages. We mainly focused on their basic shared shared hosting plans. They offer three basic shared hosting packages named Starter, Standard, and Advanced. The starter plan is perfect for those who want to start small or have a simple website with few resources. This plan includes 5 GB NVMe SSD Storage, 250 GB Bandwidth, 2 Websites, and other features. The starter package will cost you 259 taka or 2,339 taka per year. On the other hand, the Standard plan comes with 10 NVMe GB SSD Storage, 500 GB Bandwidth, and 5 Websites at 519 taka per month or 4,549 taka per year. And Advanced plan includes 20 NVMe GB SSD Storage, 1000 GB Bandwidth, 10 Websites at BDT 844/month or 8,449/year.

Reseller Hosting: They have three reseller hosting packages: R-Starter, R-Standard, and R-Advanced. R-Starter package will give you 20 GB SSD Storage and 500 GB Bandwidth at a cost of 31,993 per year. On the other hand, R-Standard and R-Advanced will cost you BDT 49,768/year and BDT 99,536/year respectively.

VPS Hosting: If you want more flexibility you can try their SSD VPS solutions. They have numerous SSD VPS plans starting at TK 2,120 per month.

Dedicated server hosting: They have fully managed dedicated servers with a support team for 24/7 operation. They provide onboarding assistance, free website migration and 24/7 ongoing support. Managed dedicated servers are starting from BDT 13,860 per month.

Annual price of some domains at ExonHost

ExonHost also offers all of the most popular top-level domains at affordable pricing. To make your job easier, we’ve listed below the prices of some popular TLDs so you can get a basic idea of ​​the price of a domain at ExonHost.

.com- Tk1449
.info- Tk2197
.net- Tk1650
.xyz- Tk229
.org- Tk1550
.biz- Tk1550

Payment Methods:

bKash, Rocket, Debit/Credit Card, and Paypal


Bangladesh, Dallas, Los Angeles, Germany, New Jersy, Tampa, Utah, Singapore

2. IT Nut Hosting: Another top performing web hosting company in BD

Key Specifications

Reasons to choose IT Nut Hosting

IT Nut Hosting was founded in 2014, and it has been providing high-performance web hosting services since then. IT Nut Hosting is another best domain and hosting provider in Bangladesh in terms of price and service.

IT Nut Hosting has many services. Apart from basic shared hosting, BDIX hosting, and VPS hosting they also provide Windows hosting service separately. Also if you want you can buy a high-speed remote desktop server from them at a low price. Moreover, they also offer users a user-friendly control panel with custom email addresses at low prices. Last but not least, you can register your business domain name with IT Nut Hosting. You get almost all popular top-level domains here at competitive pricing.

Major Web Hosting Plans & Pricing

Shared hosting: Their international shared hosting plans are known by three names: Nut Starter, Nut Silver, and Nut Diamond. The price of Nut Starter package is 350 taka per month but if you pay yearly you have to pay 2200 taka. In this package you get 5 GB web space and 1 domain hosting opportunity with 100 GB monthly bandwidth. There is also an opportunity to host 2 subdomains. On the other hand, the Nut Silver package is priced at Tk 599 per month or Tk 3990 per year. Here you get the benefit of hosting 5 domains. Besides, you get 100 subdomains, 20 GB space, and unlimited monthly bandwidth. If you need more performance than this, you can take their Nut Diamond package. You have to pay 999 taka per month to avail of this plan.

BDIX hosting: IT Nut Hosting offers BDIX hosting packages to increase the performance of the website targeted at Bangladeshi customers. Their BDIX hosting packages are similar to normal hosting plans which means all features are the same but only the data center location in Bangladesh. In other words, these hosting packages also have the facility to select three options namely Starter, Silver, and Diamond. As before, the pricing starts at Tk 350 monthly or Tk 2200 per year.

VPS hosting: IT Nut Hosting offers 20x faster managed, unmanaged, and dedicated VPS servers at an affordable price. They have four VPS plans. To buy the most basic VPS package you will have to shell out around 1100 taka per month.

Annual price of some domains at IT Nut Hosting

You can also buy domains from IT Nut Hosting. Let’s see the price.

.com- Tk1450
.info- Tk2040
.net- Tk1870
.xyz- Tk350
.org- Tk1563
.biz- Tk1802

Payment Methods:

bKash, Rocket, MCash, QCash, Visa, MasterCard, Bank, Paypal, and more.


Bangladesh, USA, Singapore, Canada

3. Cyber Developer BD: Great for both web hosting and web development

Cyber Developer BD

Key Specifications

  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Expected uptime-99.99%
  • 30 days money-back guarantee
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Free migration
  • Dynamic CMS web design
  • Website management service

Reasons to choose Cyber Developer BD

Cyber Developer BD is one of the best web hosting and web development companies in Bangladesh, founded in 2012. It’s an all-in-one platform for web services like domain registration, web hosting, website management, web development, and many others.

They have a pure NVMe SSD web hosting server in the USA which is about 10 times faster than regular HDD web hosting. Also, they try to provide high uptime speed to their customers. If you think and can prove they can’t guarantee uptime properly then you can get a refund.

Cyber Developer BD provides smart technical support via live chat, phone calls, email, and tickets.’So considering these points they are definitely considered as one of the best web hosting providers in Bangladesh.

Major Web Hosting Plans & Pricing

Shared hosting: Cyber ​​Developer BD’s cheapest shared hosting package (STANDARD) costs BDT 230 per month. This package will allow you to host 1 website with 5 GB space and 100 GB monthly bandwidth. But if you take it once for 1 year, you will have to pay 2300 taka. Apart from the standard package, there are 3 more plans namely PROFESSIONAL, BUSINESS, ADVANCED. If you want to host multiple websites (not more than 5 websites) on the same web hosting package, you can purchase the PROFESSIONAL package. For this you need to pay 3500 taka per year.

BDIX hosting: Their BDIX hosting plans are almost like normal shared hosting. However, the most basic standard hosting plan will allow you to host 3 GB of space and 1 website at a monthly price of Tk 240 but an annual price of Tk 2400.

VPS hosting: They have 4 VPS web hosting packages. To buy the lowest price package you have to pay 735 taka per month.

Annual price of some domains at Cyber Developer BD

.com- Tk999
.info- Tk500
.net- Tk1650
.xyz- Tk355
.org- Tk1400
.biz- Tk914

Payment Methods:

bKash, DBBL, Bank, Paypal

4. Hostever: Another best domain hosting company in Bangladesh

hostever hosting provider in Bangladesh

Key Specifications

  • Expected uptime-99.9%
  • Friendly 24×7/365 support
  • 30 days money-back guarantee
  • Spam guard
  • Lifetime free SSL certificate
  • 1st/y free domain on yearly order

Reasons to choose Hostever

Hostever comes next on the list of the best domain hosting company in Bangladesh. It is a global hosting company that was established in 2011 and has a good image as a hosting company in Bangladesh. The previous name of this company was Code For Host. They are undoubtedly one of the best web hosting providers in Bangladesh in terms of hosting support. They have a technical team to provide 24/7 support. Also, Hostever’s web hosting packages are relatively cheap. They have numerous web hosting packages that can provide as many features and performance as you need.

A free lifetime SSL certificate comes with every web hosting plan. Also, one of the most notable features is that Hostever offers you free domain registration with almost every web hosting plan. But to get a free domain you have to order a package for one year. Customers can choose from a variety of hosting solutions, each with its own set of features and options.

Major Web Hosting Plans & Pricing

Shared hosting: Hostever’s shared hosting plans are tailored to the customer’s needs. Because the customer can buy the perfect package for them as per their wish. To buy their most basic shared hosting package you have to pay them 1500 taka annually. This package has 5 GB space, 100 GB bandwidth, and the opportunity to host 1 domain. But you will not get any backup service here.

To get free backup service you must take their advance packages. To take the lowest priced shared hosting package based on the USA data center, you have to pay 2800 taka per year to them where you will get only 2 GB space and 100 GB bandwidth.

BDIX hosting: Their BDIX budget share hosting package starts at BDT 1800 (per year) where you get 5 GB of space. But will not get data backup. There are also three other plans without data backup features: 10GB, 20GB, and 50GB plans. Similar to USA advanced shared hosting, BDIX advanced shared hosting package also has 7 days of data backup facilities.

The lowest price advance BDIX package has 2 GB space 100 GB monthly bandwidth and 7 days of backup facilities which you have to pay 2500 taka annually. Also, if you need more performance, they have high-performance packages which you can check on the Hostever website.

VPS hosting: Hostver has two types of VPS hosting packages, managed and unmanaged. Since you have to maintain the unmanaged hosting packages yourself, the price of these plans is lower than the price of managed VPS plans. You need to pay BDT 1000 per month to buy the lowest-priced unmanaged VPS plan. Where you have to pay 4275 tk per month to buy the most basic managed VPS package.

Dedicated server hosting: If you have a website that requires dedicated customer service or a large website with a very high volume of traffic, then you can consider Hostver’s dedicated service. Their dedicated server prices start from a monthly charge of BDT 8800. Hostever has 8 plans for dedicated server-based hosting. For details, please visit the hostever website from the link below.

Annual price of some domains at Hostever

Hostever also allows you to register your desired domain very quickly. Prices of some of the TLDs at Hostever are listed below.

.com- Tk1149
.info- Tk550
.net- Tk2030
.xyz- Tk350
.org- Tk1550
.biz- Tk1910

Payment Methods:

bKash, Rocket, DBBL, UPay, Debit/Credit Card, Paypal, Payza, Skrill, Cash/Bank


Bangladesh, USA

5. DianaHost: Popular web hosting company in Bangladesh

DianaHost web hosting company in Bangladesh

Key Specifications

  • Expected uptime-99.9%
  • 24/7×365 Support
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Automated daily and weekly backups
  • 30 days money-back guarantee
  • A fixed price for 1st purchase & renewal

Reasons to choose DianaHost

It is not possible to ignore Dianahost when compiling a list of the best domain hosting company in Bangladesh. Dianahost has the unique characteristic of allowing you to launch your website for less than 100 tk each month. If you plan to develop your portfolio website, buy hosting services from Dianahost without going anywhere. It offers you 500 MB SSD storage at a very low price.

Dianahost is one of the leading hosting companies in Bangladesh providing hosting services to a large number of website owners with good reputations. It has a variety of hosting plans such as shared hosting, BDIX hosting, corporate hosting, windows hosting, reseller hosting, and many more.

You can also take their service for G Suite-Gmail, masking SMS as well as cpanel VPS hosting. As DianaHost has been in the market for many years they have gained trust among the website owners. This company tries to offer top-notch services to its customers. They have multiple web hosting solutions that usually fit almost all customer’s needs. Though they offer packages from very low to high features their prices are sometimes high compared to some of the hosting providers in our list. Also, their domain pricing is a little bit high compared to other hosting providers like ExonHost, IT Nut Hosting, Hostever, etc.

Major Web Hosting Plans & Pricing

Shared hosting: Their shared hosting packages start at BDT 99 per month. But if you pay for 1 year 999 tk. In this package you get 500 MB space, 50 GB bandwidth and a single domain hosting opportunity. At first sight it looks cheap but this package is not that good in terms of features. Because Hosting Bangladesh gives you 5 GB space and 100 GB monthly bandwidth for 950 taka per year. DianaHost also have packages that provide 1GB, 2GB, 3GB, 5GB, 10GB and even 50GB space.

BDIX hosting: DianaHost has 5 plans for BDIX hosting, the most basic BDIX hosting package has 1 GB space, 100 GB monthly bandwidth, the opportunity to host a total of 3 domains, and a free SSL certificate and backup services. You can also check their 5 GB package which will cost you 399 taka per month. This package will provide you with 5 GB storage, hosting of 4 addon domains along with your primary domain, and of course free SSL certificate, 24/7 technical support, and full remote backup.

VPS hosting: You can check DianaHost VPS solutions if you need more freedom with your hosting solutions. They have 8 managed VPS plans for you. While the basic VPS plan gives you 20 GB storage costing 1650 taka per month, the most premium package costs you 49,999 taka per month and offers you 1 TB SSD storage with other features. Here we also see the pricing is high compared to other hosting providers.

Annual price of some domains at DianaHost

.com- Tk1750
.net- Tk1450
.xyz- Tk350
.org- Tk1950
.biz- Tk1900

Payment Methods:

bKash, Rocket, Bank Deposit & Cash, Paypal, Debit/Credit Card, and more.


Bangladesh, USA, Singapore

6. Hosting Bangladesh: Best hosting provider in Bangladesh that starts below 1000 tk yearly

Key Specifications

  • 30 days remote daily backup
  • Professional support even at the midnight
  • 1 click installer (400+ script)
  • Have a lifetime free domain plan
  • Free SiteLock

Reasons to choose Hosting Bangladesh

Hosting Bangladesh comes next on the list of the best domain hosting company in Bangladesh. Probably, it is the most popular web hosting company in Bangladesh. The most appealing feature is that it offers several hosting options that include a free domain for life. It means that if you choose the lifetime free domain plans, you won’t have to spend a penny for purchasing a domain. Hosting Bangladesh is one of the cheapest web hosting companies in Bangladesh. It offers some hosting plans that cost less than BDT 1000 per year.

Major Web Hosting Plans & Pricing

Shared hosting: Plans start from ৳950 per year
VPS hosting: Plans start from ৳1,950 per month
Dedicated server hosting: Plans start from ৳6,500 per month

Annual price of some domains at Hosting Bangladesh

You can also register a domain on Hosting Bangladesh. Here are the prices of some top-level domains.

.com- Tk1550
.info- Tk2245
.net- Tk1750
.xyz- Tk1677
.org- Tk1564
.biz- Tk1982

Payment Methods:

bKash, Rocket, 2checkout


USA, Singapore, Europe

7. Web Host BD: Best for both web hosting and web design in Bangladesh

Web Host BD

Key Specifications

  • Expected uptime-99.99%
  • Call support
  • Free site builder
  • 30 days money-back guarantee
  • Weekly backups

Reasons to choose Web Host BD

Web Host BD is not only one of the best hosting providers in Bangladesh but also a good web designing company. It was founded in 2012. If you want to start your first website but you don’t have any idea about coding or CMS (we have discussed later), you can get services from Web Host BD. They offer various services for creating corporate websites, newspaper websites, e-commerce websites, and other types of websites. Also, you will find the perfect hosting packages on Web Host BD as they have a lot of hosting plans.

Major Web Hosting Plans & Pricing

Shared hosting: Plans start from ৳1,500 per year
VPS hosting: Plans start from ৳800 per month
Dedicated server hosting: Plans start from ৳20,000 per month

Annual price of some domains at Web Host BD

.com- Tk1199
.info- Tk2150
.net- Tk1449
.xyz- Tk350
.org- Tk1449
.biz- Tk2150

Payment Methods:

bKash, Rocket, Nagad, Bank, and more.



8. zHost Bangladesh : Best hosting provider in Bangladesh with a free domain

zHost Bangladesh

Key Specifications

  • 1 free domain
  • Free SSL certificate
  • 30 days money-back guarantee
  • Affordable price

Reasons to choose zHost Bangladesh

zHost is a relatively new domain hosting company in Bangladesh when compared to other web hosting providers. From the year 2015, it has been providing premium quality hosting services. zHost provides a free top-level domain and lifetime SSL certificate with all regular SSD web hosting packages. Let’s get a basic idea about pricing on web hosting at zHost.

Major Web Hosting Plans & Pricing

Shared hosting: Plans start from ৳1,500 per year
VPS hosting: Plans start from ৳900 per month

Annual price of some domains at zHost Bangladesh

We have already mentioned that all hosting solutions come with a free domain in zHost. However, you may have to purchase multiple domains. With this in mind, we present to you the value of some domains in zHost.

.com- Tk1450
.info- Tk2600
.net- Tk1590
.xyz- Tk1600
.org- Tk1590
.biz- Tk1800

Payment Methods:

bKash, Rocket, Mastercard, Visa Card

9. HostMight: Best affordable domain hosting company in Bangladesh

HostMight affordable hosting company in Bangladesh

Key Specifications

  • Free SSL certificate
  • Advanced security shield
  • Expected uptime-99.9%
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Cloudflare free CDN
  • Daily & weekly off-site data backups
  • 30 days money-back guarantee

Reasons to choose HostMight

HostMight comes next on the list of the best hosting provider in Bangladesh, started its journey in 2010. If you’re looking for a low-cost web hosting service or want to start a small business website, HostMight has almost everything you need. They provide a variety of web hosting plans, the majority of which include both managed and self-managed choices from which you can pick.

Major Web Hosting Plans & Pricing

Shared hosting: Plans start from ৳1,000 per year
BDIX hosting: Plans start from ৳1,000 per year
Managed VPS hosting: Plans start from ৳2,700 per month
Managed dedicated server hosting: Plans start from ৳10,000 per month

Annual price of some domains at HostMight

.com- Tk999
.info- Tk790
.net- Tk1550
.xyz- Tk299
.org- Tk1450
.biz- Tk1200

Payment Methods:

bKash, Rocket, DBBL, iPay, Visa, MasterCard, and more.


USA (Florida, Dallas)

10. XeonBD: Trusted web hosting company in Bangladesh

XeonBD-Trusted web hosting company in Bangladesh

Key Specifications

  • Easy management
  • Expected uptime-99.9%
  • Free 24/7 Epic Support
  • High Speed SSD
  • Refund Guarantee
  • Free SSL Certificate

Reasons to choose XeonBD

XeonBD started its cool journey in 2005. They offer lots of ways to host your website and adapt to the ever-changing online world.

XeonBD is awesome at hosting – they have plans for everything, like Linux Shared Hosting, Windows Shared Hosting, Managed WordPress Hosting, and even cool stuff like Linux Reseller Hosting and strong Dedicated & VPS Servers. What’s really neat is that they give you options with DirectAdmin Plans and cPanel Plans, so you can choose how you want to run your website.

They promise your website will be up 99.9% of the time, which is like a superhero pledge to keep your site always ready.

In the fast online world, speed matters, and XeonBD knows that. They’ve got this thing called High-Speed SSD to make your website fast. Plus, they’re so sure you’ll love their service that they offer a Refund Guarantee. And if you ever get stuck, their Free 24/7 Epic Support is ready to help you.

Major Web Hosting Plans & Pricing

Shared hosting: Plans start from ৳240 per month
VPS hosting: Plans start from ৳1950 per month
Dedicated server hosting: Plans start from ৳14,000 per mont

Annual price of some domains at XeonBD

.com- Tk1799
.info- Tk1,249
.net- Tk2,399
.xyz- Tk2,149
.org- Tk2,148
.biz- Tk2,690.49

Payment Methods:

bKash, Rocket, Nagad, Debit/Credit Card, Islami Bank MCash, MyCash, and more.


Bangladesh, USA & Europe

What is a domain?

For most people in the online world, domains and hosting are very common things. On the other hand, many newcomers are curious about domains and hosting. Simply, the name of any website is called domain.

Almost all of us know that the URL of Facebook is Here, the complete domain name of Facebook is where .com is an extension. Domain extensions do not always have to be .com. These extensions for different websites may vary. Typically, .org is used in the domain extension of an official website. Websites that talk about business use .com as a domain extension. Government websites also use .gov as a domain extension.

Computers remember the name of each website as an IP address, but it is not possible for humans to remember these IP addresses.

When we search for something on the Internet, the computer converts these IP addresses into domain names and presents them to us.

For example, we save people’s mobile numbers in their names so that we can easily find them when making phone calls. In the same way, the domain name is used to remember the IP address of the website.

Types of domain

1. Top-Level Domains (TLDs)

The name indicates that these are the most valuable domains. Top-level domains (TLDs) are domains that are particularly easy to rank in search engine results pages. Some top-level domains are .com, .edu, .gov, .org, .info etc. Let’s see where they are used.
.com (for commercial website)
.edu (for educational website)
.org (for organization website)
.info (for informational website)

2. Country Code Top Level Domains (ccTLD)

Country code top-level domain is a type of top-level domain (TLD) that has geographic and country designation. They are always named after a single country and consist of two letters.

For example, on the webpage, the .bd stands for Bangladesh. Some examples of such domains are .au (Australia), .pk (Pakistan), .ca (Canada) etc.

The registration process of ccTLDs is usually restricted and differs from the natural domains. If you want to purchase a ccTLD, you may need to prove that you are a resident of that country.

3. Generic Top-Level Domains (gTLDs)

Generic top-level domains are another type of top-level domains (TLDs) and they have no geographic and country designation. Anyone from any country can purchase a gTLD because there are no country limitations. Some popular gTLDs are .com, .biz, .info, .net etc.

4. Second-Level Domains

For better understanding, note that is the domain name of our website. Here, allconsumerbd is the second-level domain and .com is the top-level domain (TLD).

5. Third Level Domains

A third-level domain is a type of subdomain that follows a second-level domain. In, the www is a third-level domain. Typically, large websites use third-level domains to specify their various categories.

What is web hosting?

After the domain name, web hosting or hosting server is the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to constructing a website. Many beginners mistakenly think that domain and hosting are the same things, although they are not.

Simply said, web hosting is an internet service or a safe location where you can store all of the content from your blog, affiliate site, or any other type of website.

In reality, the hosting will store all of your data or files in a secure location and will handle them 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Hosting is also known as a server or a web server. This service is usually provided by hosting companies or hosting providers.

To give a clearer example, let’s say you have a duplex house in Dhaka city which is situated on 1 acre of land. In the case of a website, your house is the content of the site, the land of the house is hosting, and the name of the house is the domain name of the website.

In a nutshell, a domain is the name of a website and hosting is the physical place (data center) where all the contents of a website are stored. Web hosting companies offer web servers as well as many more features, including bandwidth, SSL certificates, page builder, automatic backup, developer tools, 24/7 live supports, etc.

What are the different types of hosting services?

Websites can be of many categories such as blog websites, affiliate websites, e-commerce sites, promotion sites, educational sites, etc. Each site has a different type of requisition. So the web hosting companies provide different types of hosting services to meet the needs of each site.

Let’s have a look at the most common hosting options and their benefits and drawbacks.

1. Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is one of the most popular and affordable types of web hosting services where multiple websites are hosted on a single server. For example, if you are sharing your apartment with your roommate, your roommate’s activities will have an impact on your life. In the same way, when many websites share a single server, the action of one website can affect the other websites.

If your website is hosted in a shared web hosting and your neighboring website cruses, it may cause slowing down your website. Also, if you get so much traffic to your website, it can slow down other websites hosted on the same server.

Remember that in shared web hosting, you are sharing resources like RAM, storage, CPU, etc. of the same hosting server, not the personal data of your website. It means that no one will be able to access the backend of your website or your personal information, or any data.

The biggest advantage of choosing shared hosting services is that they are very cheap as many users bear the costs of the same server. Let’s summarize the benefits and drawbacks of using a shared hosting package.

Advantages of shared hosting
  1. Best for beginners
  2. Available at a very low price
  3. Great for a niche site or small business website
  4. Very easy to control
  5. No need of any technical knowledge


Disadvantages of shared hosting
  1. Loading time may not be up to the mark
  2. Comparatively low security
  3. Very limited resources
  4. Not scalable
  5. Not good for bigger websites

2. VPS Hosting (Virtual Private Server Hosting)

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server, and it is far superior to shared hosting in terms of server resources, uptime rates, customizability, and other factors.

When a single server is divided into multiple virtual parts and each of which is dedicated to a single website then it is called VPS hosting. To help you understand VPS hosting, let’s give you an example that you will love.

Suppose you are renting the entire third floor of a five-story building, with other families on the other floors. In this case, you do not have to share your room, kitchen, or bathroom with anyone. You can compare this event to VPS hosting. On the other hand, if you rent the whole building, it can be compared to dedicated hosting.

VPS hosting is faster than shared hosting and offers more storage space, which is essential for a large website. Let’s summarize the benefits and drawbacks of using VPS hosting.

Advantages of VPS hosting
  1. Dedicated resources with higher uptime
  2. Load faster than shared hosting
  3. Enhance performance and security of a website
  4. Great flexibility to configure server and resources
Disadvantages of VPS hosting
  1. Need to have some technical knowledge
  2. Not so beginner-friendly
  3. It’s a little tricky to set up

3. Dedicated Server Hosting

All of the hosting choices we’ve discussed so far have allowed several people to share a single server. On the other hand, dedicated servers are completely different from them and offer far higher-quality hosting possibilities. A dedicated server is one that has been assigned to only one user for use.

Since the dedicated server is exclusively reserved for one user, there are many more benefits available to a user. If you want, you can alter the configuration of such servers, as well as the softwares and the operating systems. In a nutshell, you will have complete control over your server and will be able to control everything.

Let’s clear the matter with an example. Suppose you bought a house, and now have complete control over it. If you want, you can plant flowers on the roof of the house or you can decorate the balcony very beautifully. You are also free to use any room. Dedicated hosting is exactly the same thing where you get full access to hosting usage and don’t have to share them with anybody else.

This service can again be of two types: managed dedicated hosting and unmanaged dedicated hosting. In managed dedicated hosting, the hosting provider will deal with all your technical issues. On the other hand, if you buy unmanaged hosting, you will have to take care of the technical issues of the server yourself, which will save you a lot of money.

If you want, you may just hire someone to provide hosting management services. However, you will be responsible for any changes or errors in unmanaged hosting.

Advantages of dedicated hosting
  1. Don’t have to share resources with others
  2. Highest security with full server control
  3. Faster loading times, high uptimes
  4. Unlimited bandwidth
  5. Almost No traffic limitations
  6. Great flexibility to configure server and resources
Disadvantages of dedicated hosting
  1. More expensive than any other hostings
  2. Need much technical knowledge for maintaining the server
  3. Responsibility for all kinds of changes and configurations
  4. Not suitable for a small website

4. Managed Hosting

Managed hosting differs significantly from other hosting options. When a hosting company handles many aspects of a website, such as regular updates, technical issues, security monitoring, and backups, it is called managed hosting. It depends on whether the hosting company you are using has managed options or not. Since the hosting providers manage a lot in this case, they charge a little more money.

However, the biggest advantage of using this type of hosting is that you do not have to worry about the downtime of your website, software updates, and many other technical issues.

It is a common misperception that managed hostings are only suitable for beginners. A blogger with fairly good technical knowledge can also use such services, which can save his time and help him to focus more on website growth. Let’s summarize the benefits and drawbacks of using managed hosting.

Advantages of managed hosting
  1. Minimal maintenance problems
  2. Very helpful for newcomers who do not have technical knowledge
  3. Save time
Disadvantages of managed hosting
  1. A little more expensive

5. Cloud Hosting

In all other hosting services, numerous websites are stored on a single server (shared hosting), or one site is hosted on an entire server (dedicated hosting). In the case of cloud hosting, the server has no such limitations.

Simply put, cloud hosting is a sort of hosting in which the same data from a website can be hosted on several servers situated in different locations (data centers).

Say you have a blog website hosted on a server in Bangladesh that receives the most traffic from Bangladesh, India, the United States, and Canada. If a visitor visits your site from Bangladesh then the data of your website can be shown to that visitor very quickly from the server. On the other hand, when an American visitor comes to your website, he will not be able to see the data of your website so fast, which means it will take a little longer to load the webpage.

Now think, if your website is hosted in both Bangladesh and the United States, the faster a page loads for a Bangladeshi user, the faster it loads for a person in the United States. Cloud hosting does the same thing, where a website is hosted in the data centers of many countries so that a site can load very quickly.

In cloud hosting, all the data centers are connected to each other and act as a network. In this case, because of the CDN (Content Delivery Network) facility, the content of a website is shown to a visitor from the nearest data center.

Advantages of cloud hosting
  1. Higher uptime rates
  2. Increase website speed and performance
  3. Security of data
  4. Scalability and flexibility
Disadvantages of cloud hosting
  1. Higher pricing
  2. Limited control

6. WordPress Hosting

Before understanding WordPress hosting, you need to know what is WordPress. Previously, knowledge of programming languages or coding was required to build a website. But now, even if you don’t know how to code, you can use WordPress to create a beautiful website.

Simply said, WordPress is a free content management system (CMS) that allows you to create a website by dragging and dropping elements into place. It is regarded as the easiest technique to develop a website. Apart from WordPress, there are many other content management systems such as Joomla, Wix, etc.

Now let’s talk about WordPress hosting, it is a type of hosting which is only optimized for WordPress websites. This type of hosting already has WordPress installed or you can install it with one click. Keep in mind, WordPress hosting is only optimized for WordPress content management systems so the use of other CMS such as Joomla and Wix is limited.

You may be confused thinking that if you take a shared hosting or VPS hosting, or dedicated hosting, then you can run a WordPress website or not. In reality, you can install WordPress on any hosting as a content management system without any problems.

Advantages of WordPress hosting
  1. Better performance
  2. One-click WordPress installation or pre-installed WordPress
  3. Easy management
  4. Expert’s support in managed WordPress hosting
Disadvantages of WordPress hosting
  1. Website vulnerability
  2. Sometimes extra plugins make the website heavier

How to find the best domain hosting company in Bangladesh?

1. Site Uptime

The proportion of time a website has been visible on the internet for a month or a year and visitors can access it, is known as server uptime. Web hosting companies typically calculate server uptime each month.

A lot of hosting companies are now attempting to reach 100% uptime, but it is very difficult. Many things can cause website downtime, including hardware and software failure, natural calamities, server maintenance issues, and even personal errors.

Nobody wants their website to be unavailable on the internet because it has the potential to cause a great loss. When a server is down for an extended period of time, the website’s ranking suffers. Many times people’s loyalty to the site decreases. Websites that rely solely on buying and selling are more likely to lose business if their websites are down.

So, our recommendation is to use any hosting provider that can guarantee more than 99.5 percent uptime. Many hosting providers claim to have a 99.9% uptime, but in reality, they fail to provide such uptime rates. As a result, you should check whether your website is up or down every day. We’ve tried to bring together the best hosting companies in Bangladesh that can provide significantly better uptime, and you may give them a try if you want.

2. Customer Support

No matter how skilled you are with the website, you may need to seek help from the hosting company on a variety of issues. So how good or bad a hosting company is can be easily understood by looking at customer support.

Many hosting providers offer a free trial period or a money-back guarantee for a few days. If you want, you can send them a live message at this time, or you can open a ticket and ask for support on various issues.

Even if you are familiar with a subject, we recommend that you get assistance in that area. Thus, you can easily find the best domain hosting company in Bangladesh by looking at how fast and efficiently they can resolve your issues.

3. Website Security

As technology advances day by day, maintaining one’s own and customer privacy online has become a major challenge. Using an SSL certificate, keeping your dashboard password strong, and not posting your hosting email anywhere are just a few strategies to keep your site safe from hackers.

Hosting companies also provide services to hide the domain’s personal information, which may be free or it may cost extra money.

So, before you buy hosting, remember to check this feature.

4. Website Speed

The speed with which a website loads can have a significant impact on its success. In addition, Google now takes website speed very seriously and gives a better ranking to fast-loading sites. If your site takes a long time to load, then very naturally the site traffic will be declined and this will reduce the revenue.

You know the world is getting faster day by day, and there is no time to wait for anyone now. If a visitor notices that your site is taking too long to load, he will leave immediately and go to your competitor’s site. While purchasing hosting, take site speed in mind and avoid using unnecessary plugins or extra-large size images on the site.

5. Automated Backups

Hosting agencies should have an automated backup option because manual backups are often not possible or may be problematic. A website can crash or be hacked at any time so it is very important to preserve its data. In addition to being hacked, backups may be required for a variety of reasons, including loss of website data due to any developmental change or malware causing the website to break.

It is definitely a good practice to preserve all of the data of your website on a regular basis, but our recommendation is to find a hosting solution that provides regular automatic backups.

6. Traffic Volume

The number of visitors you receive each month is called the traffic volume. It has a huge impact on a site’s performance because the more visitors it receives, the more bandwidth it will cost. Since bandwidth is limited in some hosting packages, before buying a hosting plan, you should check whether the bandwidth is correct according to the size of your site or whether there is any limitation of traffic volume from the hosting company.

If the size of the website is very small, such as it receives 2000 visitors per month, then you can go with any hosting plan.

7. Basic Price & Renewal Fees

Many hosting companies usually offer bigger discounts on the first sale and charge higher renewal fees to earn revenue. So before buying any hosting package, you should check the basic and renewal fees. If you do not clearly understand the renewal charge of a package, knock on the support, and they will help you with the information. To get an idea about the hosting cost you can check this article on web hosting prices in BD.

8. Free Migration

A website migration is the process of moving a website from one hosting provider to another without experiencing any losses.

For a variety of reasons, site migration is essential. You may want to migrate your website to another hosting provider because there are many hosting companies in the world today that offer superb services at reasonable pricing.

Migration rates are also determined by the quality of customer service. You never want to be stuck with a hosting company whose customer service isn’t up to the mark.

One of the big reasons for website migration is server security because as a website owner, you always want your site to be secure and users’ privacy to be protected.

There are a few additional small reasons why you might need to move your website to a new location. If you decide to sell the website because you no longer wish to maintain it, the new owner of the website may not prefer the present hosting agency.

Although website migration is not a very complicated process, many people find it challenging. So, before you buy hosting, make sure that the provider you’re going to get it from enables hassle-free migration.

9. Refund Policy

Many hosting providers offer services at a very low price but do not have a money-back system, which leads to many clients being scammed. One of the characteristics of a good hosting company is that it offers a simple refund option so that consumers are less likely to be cheated.

10. AI-powered web hosting features

You may be aware of the AI revolutions of these days. AI has been coming into a blast in the tech world in recent times. AI can fix issues within a few seconds that man needs to do for hours. So, website hosting providers are bringing AI-powered web hosting features with their hosting solutions. AI has the power to analyze vast amounts of data on your website and thus it can make important decisions that can improve your website’s health.

Also, AI can help you optimize your website and make organic results better than previous results. You can also include a chat box for your customers using AI. Also, it can help you increase your website speed and better customer satisfaction. So, whenever you are looking for the best hosting providers in Bangladesh, if possible seek hosting packages that have AI-integrated features.

International or Bangladeshi hosting providers?

First and foremost, we would like to point out that many Bangladeshi web hosting companies meet international standards. It is a misconception that international hosting providers would provide good outcomes while the Bangladeshi hosting companies will return negative results. There are some additional advantages of hosting a website with a foreign hosting company, but there may also be some disadvantages.

Because foreign hosting providers host a large number of websites, the quality of shared hosting is often compromised. In addition, many people can’t speak in English, making it impossible to obtain any form of assistance, as English must be spoken in order to receive help and support.

Another big problem is the payment method because the international web hosting companies do not support Bangladeshi payment gateway like bKash, Rocket. So, you cannot buy a domain and hosting using bKash or Rocket payment method. However, if you prefer to use the services of a foreign company, we have selected the top three web hosting companies as an alternative to Bangladeshi hosting providers. Here they are—

1. Hostinger

best alternative to Bangladeshi web hosting company

Hostinger is one of the best web hosting providers in the world for beginners. Their pricing is very much reasonable as compared to the other international hosting companies. Also, you can use Hostinger very easily though you don’t have any technical knowledge. Therefore, if you choose foreign web hosting companies other than Bangladeshi hosting companies then go for Hostinger without any hesitation. They will help you grow your brand-new website though you don’t have technical knowledge.


+ Cheap pricing but high-class services
+ Excellent uptime guarantee and technical support
+ Free Domain and SSL certificates
+ Multiple data centers Around the world


– Renewal pricing high a little bit
– Don’t support the Bangladeshi mobile payment systems

2. GreenGeeks

alternative hosting company 2

GreenGeeks is one of the best eco-friendly hosting providers in the world. This company is very reliable for the website owners. They try to offer you the best uptime and technical support.  They have been in the market for more than 16 years. Thousands of website owners use GreenGeeks services for their website hosting.


+Free domain hosting packages
+Great uptime guarantee and technical support
+Free SSL and website backup services
+Eco-friendly web hosting services


-You will not get phone support 24/7
-Don’t support the Bangladeshi mobile payment systems

3. Namecheap

alternative hosting company 3

Namecheap is already one of the popular web hosting companies for Bangladeshi users. Bangladeshi website owners rush to their services because of cheap pricing. Also, they have been in the web hosting market for more than 20 years.   Also, Namecheap offers numerous budget hosting features that could be tempting for beginners.


+ Low-price web hosting packages
+ Domain pricing is also low compared to the other hosting providers
+ Free domain hosting package for the first year


-No Windows web hosting solutions
-Don’t support the Bangladeshi mobile payment systems

FAQ on best domain hosting company in Bangladesh

What is localhost?

Bringing the features of a server computer to our personal computer and transforming our PC into a server computer is called localhost. Simply put, if you use your own computer to host your websites, then your computer works like localhost.

What is BDIX hosting?

BDIX Hosting is a hosting service designed specifically for Bangladeshi users. If the majority of your site’s visitors are from Bangladesh, you may consider BDIX hosting. Here, Bangladeshi users can view the webpage very quickly because the data centers for this hosting are in BD.

Should I sign up for a month or a year?

When buying a hosting package, you should sign up for at least one year as most hosting companies offer a lot more discounts on the annual plans. You may pay on a monthly basis but it is not so cost-effective way.

Can you upgrade your hosting at any time?

Yes, you can upgrade your hosting package at any moment without losing any data and it is a simple and charge-free process.

What is CDN?

The full form of CDN is the content delivery network where a number of physical hosting servers are located in various places that host a website and serve data to a visitor from the nearest data center.

It’s comparable to an ATM. Because if you have a bank account and an ATM card, you can withdraw money from any ATM Booth near you. Similarly, a content delivery network (CDN) displays data from the user’s nearest data center, ensuring that the site’s speed is always high.

Grab today's best deals from the top 10 best hosting providers in Bangladesh

Final Words

Since you want to build up a website, you must find the best web hosting companies in Bangladesh. Regarding this fact, we’ve tried to gather the best domain hosting company in Bangladesh so that anyone can quickly find a suitable hosting service by checking our recommendations.

We’ve already discussed the characteristics of a top-class hosting company, such as high uptime, excellent support, and lightning-fast speeds. In the end, we believe that our comparison list will help you easily find the best domain and hosting company in Bangladesh.

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