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A Screen Protector For Smart Watch To Prevent Scratches

screen protector for smart watch

Using a GPS watch for tracking sports activities is very popular nowadays. Even some people have an intention to buy the best smartwatch available on the market. Sometimes the price of that smartwatches exceeds the price of most smartphones. So inevitably, if you buy a smartwatch at a higher price, you definitely want to make it durable. And above all, to avoid scratches, you will take great care of your favourite smartwatch. As a result, you are searching for a screen protector for your smart watch. Yes, these GPS watches are more and more made to be worn every day for tracking our activity and to follow us everywhere in the outdoors, even in trail or mountaineering.

Screen Protector for Smart Watch

We use screen protectors for our smartphones, so why not on a watch? And we get a screen protector all the more easily since it never costs a lot of money. So we want to protect it more and more, and you have understood it well, right?
Just search for the screen protector on any market. There are already different screen protectors available that suit the best for your watch !!!

Advantage / limit of screen protections

The benefit is straightforward: by adding a screen protector over your watch, you can avoid scratching it.

However, the limit of a screen protector is also very clear. It will just protect the screen of your watch but not around the watch. And, in the case of watches with a metal bezel enclosing the screen, it is often this bezel that absorbs the bumps and scratches.

So, whether we have screen protection or not, we frequently wind up with a scratched bezel. This is especially noticeable because the bezel is dark in color. The little white stripes on a gray or black background can therefore be seen plainly. On clearer glasses, scratches are less visible.

When there is no use of tempered glass screen protectors?

If your GPS watch has a sapphire crystal, then you need not worry about using a screen protector on your watch. Sapphire crystal is a material, which is virtually scratch-resistant. And this is really a scientific argument, not a fair advertising one.

Mohs scale is one kind of measurement scale that denotes the relative hardness among various minerals. The actual range of this scale is 1 to 10, which indicates that mineral with a Mohs hardness score of 1 is the softest mineral. On the other hand, a mineral with Mohs hardness 10 is the hardest mineral. And diamond dominates the scale with a Mohs hardness score of 10. Sapphire comes right after with a relatively high hardness score of 9. On the other hand, the window glass score is only 5.

Now you are very clear about the fact that a diamond (your wife’s wedding ring) is the only thing that could scratch the screen of your watch. But don’t forget that it is only applicable if your GPS watch has a sapphire crystal.

As a result, it is worthless if you have a:

However, while the protective film lets light pass through flawlessly, numerous customers have stated that it blocks the screen’s touch function. So you have to be careful when using a Forerunner 620/630, Vivoactive HR, or Spartan Sport.

Confirmation of touch sensitivity loss: the screen of a Vivoactive HR with tempered glass is still working but significantly less sensitive to the finger.

It is your responsibility to decide what is most significant to you, using a protective film or not.

Different types of protection

different types of screen protection

It is really difficult for you to navigate the more or less eccentric qualifiers of the manufacturers:

Overall, there are 2 types of protection:

Plastic films: are softer than the basic screen of your watch. Their sole purpose is to absorb scratches rather than the display glass. We remove it once it has been scratched and replace it with a new one. This is why they are frequently marketed in 6-packs.

Crystal or tempered glass wires: are more durable than regular glass. The aim this time is to add a more scratch-resistant layer to the top of the screen of your watch.

The installation and the outcome

installation of screen protector

The most essential thing is that you have to install the film perfectly on a clean screen of your watch. So, our recommendation is to install the screen protector right out of the box and in a clean environment. Otherwise, it will be difficult enough for you to avoid every speck of dust and rag fiber. And each dirt particle will leave a visible bubble beneath the coating. Otherwise, you’ll see that the protective covering vanishes.

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