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Lenovo HE05 Review | Price In Bangladesh (BD) With Specification

Author: Al Rayhan Himel | ⌚Last Updated On: March 8, 2024

Lenovo neckbands are very comfortable and well-fitting around the neck. If you’re looking for a cheap neckband Bluetooth headset to upgrade your playlist, Lenovo HE05 could be exactly what you’re looking for. Lenovo HE05 wireless magnetic neckband is lightweight, stylish and comfortable to use with a very simple and beautiful appearance. The sound is good – not spectacular, but not horrible either. It boasts a pleasant even tone with good bass, a bright mid-range, and gently soft highs. To find out the ins and outs of this Bluetooth headset, stay tuned for the rest of the Lenovo HE05 review.

Lenovo HE05 Specification

lenovo neckband he05 review

Model: Lenovo HE05
Style: Neckband
Communication: Bluetooth
Color: White, Black, Red
Speaker Diameter: 10mm
Battery: 105mAh
Charging Time: About 2 hours
With Microphone: Yes

Design And Build Quality

Construction materials are one of the most important factors of a neckband. The best headphones, in anyone’s opinion, are those that combine a pleasing sound with a solid build quality. To be honest, the Lenovo HE05 earphone is made up of a mixture of metal, TPE, and silicone. The earphone band is made of tough rubber, which makes it incredibly flexible and increases the earphone’s durability. Even, you can bend it to any shape using your hands. To cover the connection between the band and the hardware chassis, metal caps have been placed on both ends of the band. A short wire cable, which is about .5 meters long, connects each earbud to the neckband. Also, this TPE headphone cable is durable enough. In addition, the Lenovo HE05 neckband bluetooth headset is available in three colors: white, black and red.


Both earbuds have a feather-like weight (about 2.5g) and are ergonomically designed. Surprisingly, each earbud features a magnetic component on the back that allows the earphone to be quickly reattached after removing it from the ear, preventing the earphone wires from twisting. Furthermore, the magnetic clasping earbuds allow you to easily store the earphone around your neck while not in use. The 115° oblique-angled nozzles of the Lenovo HE05 earbuds naturally rest in your ear canals for a comfortable, secure fit during prolonged use.

Control System

lenovo heo5 control button

The left end of the neckband contains the entire regulating system. It includes the following:

  1. Power button
  2. volume up button
  3. volume down button
  4. charging port
  5. built-in microphone
  6. LED indicator light

Let’s take a quick look at the function of these keys.

Power button: It’s a control button with multiple functions.
By short press- answer/end phone call/play/pause audio
By long press- power on/off/reject
By double click- last number reset

Volume up button: It serves two purposes.
By short press- volume up
By long press- next audio

Volume down button: It also serves two purposes.
By short press- volume down
By long press- previous audio

Charging port: It supports a micro USB cable for charging.
LED notification light: It indicates two functions – Bluetooth pairing and battery charging

Waterproof and Dustproof Performance

What is the most significant threat to your headphones or earphones?  Perhaps water is the answer. Nowadays, many earphones or headphones are labeled as water-resistant. But actually, how much water the model can resist? Is the neckband sweatproof or not? Unfortunately, very few manufacturers go into detail about this thing. Ingress Protection (IP) ratings indicate how much an earphone can protect dust and water without having any damage. It ranges from IPX1 to IPX9 and the Lenovo HE05 headphone comes with an IPX5 rating for waterproof and IP6X rating for dustproof.  It means that the headphone can prevent a great amount of dust and it can withstand a low-pressure water jet spray.

Battery Backup

The earphone uses a 105 mAh lithium polymer battery. Lenovo claims that the earphone provides eight hours of non-stop audio playback service at 50% volume. But, real consumer feedback indicates that the average playtime is almost 6 hours when the battery is fully charged. Actually, the battery life is defined by the level of volume you’ve heard while using this earphone. Furthermore, at a fully charged battery, this earphone’s expected standby time is around 120 hours. If you want to see the battery capacity of the earphone, you need to connect it with your smartphone. The battery level will be displayed on your phone after connecting to the smartphone, allowing you to immediately decide whether to charge your earphone.

Charging System & Charging Time

A micro USB cable is provided with this headphone so that you can charge the headphone from any power bank, laptop or other electrical sources that support USB. Additionally, because the supplied USB cable is designed to fit with the smartphone charger, you can charge the headphone directly with it.

The charging time of any Bluetooth headphone is a frequently asked question. We have already mentioned that the headset contains a 105 mAh lithium polymer battery which is rechargeable. And, the manual says that it takes around 2 hours for the full charge. According to some users, the earphone initially takes two hours to fully charge but after a few months of use, it takes more than two hours to fully charge. However, when you consider the price, it’s not such a big thing to be concerned about.

Bluetooth Connectivity

The Lenovo HE05 neckband Bluetooth headphones are equipped with the most advanced Bluetooth 5.0 technology, which ensures a stable and quick connection. Undoubtedly, the BT 5.0 technology used on this headphone has a substantially higher transmission efficiency than BT 4.2 version. The company claims that the effective Bluetooth range of this model is about 10 meters. And, it works smoothly within this range if there is no obstacle.

bluetooth connection of lenovo he05

Audio Quality

The Lenovo HE05 collar headset is equipped with a 10 mm stereo speaker unit. Clear and powerful sound is assured due to the presence of graphene diaphragm, oxygen-free copper voice coil, alloy sound transmission mesh. Regarding the price, accepting the slight latency of this earphone is reasonable because many expensive headphones have light latency as well.

It has a deep and piercing bass, as well as powerful sub-bass with crystal clear vocals. However, with a high-quality audio player, you should be able to modify the sound to your desire. Treble is not very bold. There is no doubt regarding the loudness of this headset because its top-grade loudspeakers will give you all-around stereo sound. And, it produces so much sound that you may not be able to endure it at full volume.

Noise Cancellation

Let’s discuss the noise isolation feature now. The noise isolation isn’t great, but it can be said to be of average quality. If you’re in a noisy environment, you might notice some outdoor noise while it’s in your ear. But, the earphone comes with a CVC (Clear Voice Capture) noise-canceling mic that eliminates static and external disturbances during phone calls.


Because each earbud weighs only about 2.5 grams, the earbuds are extremely light. Also, the neckband is incredibly flexible, allowing it to be adjusted to any size. On the other hand, the magnetic earbuds allow you to hold earbuds together when not in use. Also, the soft silicone eartips will provide you comfort when using the earphone.

Should I buy the Lenovo HE05 earphone?

lenovo he05 wireless headphones review

You might choose Lenovo HE05 for a variety of reasons. You can also make an excuse to avoid it. Here are some essential factors to consider before making a good purchase.

Reasons To Buy

Reasons To Avoid

Supplied Accessories

Lenovo HE05 Headphone Price in Bangladesh

Lenovo HE05 wireless neckband earphone is currently under BDT 1000 in Bangladesh. The following websites are where you may get the greatest deal on this earphone.

Affordable price for Lenovo HE05 in BD

Seller Price

Lenovo HE05 VS HE05X (HE05 Pro): A Quick Comparison

Lenovo HE05 pro or HE05X is the updated version of the Lenovo HE05 neckband. The hardware features of both models are almost the same. We have already discussed in detail about Lenovo HE05, almost all of them are applicable to the pro version. The Lenovo HE05 Pro neckband has been slightly improved as well as slightly increased in price. Let’s take a look at the Lenovo HE05 pro version and see what they’ve done to improve it.

lenovo he05 vs he05x



Final Verdict on Lenovo HE05 Review

Many people desire to spend a small amount of money on a nice Bluetooth earphone. In our opinion, Lenovo HE05 is a good pick for a 1000 taka earphone. Lenovo HE05 has excellent build quality and its sound quality is excellent considering the price. And last but not least the battery backup is fairly good. Those who are planning to buy a Bluetooth earphone on a low budget can try the Lenovo HE05 earphone.

FAQ on Lenovo HE05 Review

For more information regarding Lenovo HE05 review, here are some common questions and their answers.

Q: Is Lenovo HE05 waterproof?

Yes, the Lenovo HE05 Bluetooth headphone is IPX6 rated, meaning it can tolerate light rain or water splashes.

Q: Does Lenovo HE05 have a mic?

Yes, Lenovo HE05 headphone comes with a CVC (Clear Voice Capture) noise-canceling built in microphone.

Q: Is Lenovo HE05 noise Cancelling?

Its sound isolation is of average quality and it comes with a CVC (Clear Voice Capture) sound-canceling microphone.

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